Your institution will feel world-class with visitdesk: smart visitor management system for colleges and schools.

Tired of maintaining your visitors with a notebook and pen? Now treat your visitors with cloud software for free of cost (tablet cost applicable).

Visitor registration

School/college gets visitors like parents, officials, and educational purposes every day. Many essential details and security may be missed in your visitor registry.

Visitdesk comes with face capture, OTP verified contact number and other security features like NDA and terms signing for visitors.

Campus Security

Face capture and mobile number verification increase your security level for your students and avoid unauthorized entries inside the campus. Real security assurance is rare, make it possible with visitdesk.

Visitor management

Admin and the host will get notifications about whom they want to meet and for what purpose makes it a smart visitor management system. Once the host allows they can be permitted to the campus, they can deny the permission.

Visitor record maintenance

visitor details are useful when they come back again, all they need to enter is the phone number, and the visitdesk remembers them and makes the process easy. No more time to fill in all the details again. Your visitdesk can handle all the processes within minutes and ‘wow’ them with a premium experience and boost your image.

Visitor directory

Want to search that visitor who needs to be informed about the next follow-up? Just type keywords and visitdesk will do the rest for you to find them. visitor directory was super useful when you need to sort and find somebody.