Enforcing visitor policy in your workplace

While many organizations concentrate on improving the company’s security standards, most fail to enforce a strong policy drafted specifically for visitors. This would not only protect your workplace, but also serves as a mutual agreement between the enterprise and the visitors.

Significance of having a Visitor policy

Well… These policies are helpful in securing your office from potential risk of visitors and strangers sneaking into your organization. A well-planned visitor policy aims at preventing physical and intellectual theft of your the workplace resources, intended or negligent accidents, terrorism etc. The essence of the policy depends upon your organization’s value and size.

Key features that your Visitor policy should focus on:

  • The visitor policy must specify the ones who are responsible for organizing the visitor permissions and access.
  • It should insist the visitors to sign in by feeding their details, identity verification and OTP confirmation.
  • It should permit each visitor only after he/she has obtained the token/visitor badge with the unique visitor id.
  • The policy must also define the visiting hours and the instances when the restrictions have to be strengthened.
  • It shall also list the devices and gadgets that are prohibited inside the premises. ( For example, you may implement strict measures to block visitors from bringing in smart phones, cameras and other electronic devices)
  • Your visitor policy should mention the accessible boundaries for each category of visitors. The various criteria of visitors may include temporary workers, former employees, friends and family members of current workers, vendors, interviewees etc.
  • It shall also grant special privileges for the employees’ registered family members and friends.
  • The policy must also state the disciplinary action that has to be taken on suspicious visitors who are found breaking the contract.

While these Visitor policies would safeguard your office from intended and unintended harm, you have to ensure that it doesn’t irritate the legal visitors. It is your responsibility to make them feel warm and welcome.

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