why you need a standalone visitor registration kiosk for your cozy office.

What makes visitdesk a smart reception software, apart from the desktop softwares and apps which was used by the receptionists?

Visitdesk is standalone.

Unique value. kiosk option adds a unique value and branding to your office space.

Other options that visitdesk app is loaded with:

Security. You have all the visitors verified with picture before they enter.

Cloud. You have easy access to your records wherever you go.

Smart search. Enables you to type in keywords to quickly search through records of entry. This is a major time-saver compared to flipping through the many pages of a notebook.

Reports. Visit desk platform helps you to collaborative, allowing you to share reports, records and other details easily.

Print tokens. Your office seems world class with just a small printer.No data loss. Your visitor entry don’t rely on paper, so no data loss or misplaced.