What Features Should a Good Visitor Management System Have?

A good Visitor Management System efficiently balances security, customization, compliance, integration, and user support to meet organizational needs and ensure a positive visitor experience.

Today’s decision makers face a plethora of options when selecting a visitor management solution. Providers strive to distinguish themselves by incorporating diverse features into their systems, enhancing workplace efficiency. The introduction of GDPR in 2018 rendered security non-negotiable, consequently compelling all reputable visitor management systems to prioritize speed, efficiency, and security.

Given the abundance of choices available, how does a decision maker determine the most suitable visitor management solution for their organization? What specific criteria should they prioritize? Fear not, as this blog is here to guide you through the essential features of a visitor management system, aiding you in making a well-informed decision.

Key Features to have in a Visitor Management System

Navigating Digital and Agile Realms

Visitor management covers a range of systems, but the emphasis should be on fully digitized solutions. Choosing an electronic visitor management system, especially one in the cloud, ensures readiness for the future, with enhanced accessibility, security, and lower maintenance. Decision makers should focus on the efficiency of the check-in process, as extra features can slow down visitor processing. Thus, the system’s feature agility is crucial for long-term optimal performance.

Pre Book & Web Check-In

A key advantage of visitor management software is enabling pre-booking and web check-ins, which notifies you of expected visitors and helps manage the workplace more efficiently. Pre-booking prevents unexpected arrivals, while web check-ins streamline the process by allowing visitors to complete health declarations and personal details beforehand, ensuring quick check-ins upon arrival.

Two-Way Communication

Two-way communication streamlines entry and exit by ensuring visitors have necessary information upon arrival. Upon their arrival, the system notifies you, allowing prompt communication regarding availability or wait times.Let’s take a simple example of a visitor called Bob.

  • Bob enters the premies
  • You get notified about Bob’s arrival
  • You communicate and notify Bob that you will be available in the next 10 mins.
  • Bob now knows that he can come to meet you after 10 mins.
  • This makes sure that there is communication without any confusion. In this case, Bob had clarity about his meeting today because he heard it from you, the host. Any visitor management solution you pick should have the ability to do that.

Useful Integrations

A static system won’t prepare your workplace for the future or optimize efficiency. What’s crucial is an adaptable and integrative solution. Why? Because your workplace likely has multiple existing systems in place. When implementing a visitor management solution, seamless integration with these systems is vital. Visitdesk offers several useful integrations to facilitate this:

  • Access control-Integrate with your current access control system for heightened security and control over your premises.
  • Meeting Rooms– Let visitors know what meeting room they can come to.
  • Parking– Give parking access to make sure your visitors don’t have to go through the hassle of finding a parking spot.
  • Wifi – Share credentials with your guests and make sure they have access to the internet at all times to enhance the experience.


Security is paramount for everyone, regardless of their role or location. Veris integrates COVID screening, thermal scanning, and access control into its visitor management solution to ensure that every individual entering your premises is safe and authorized. Other security features include:-

  • Approval-based entry
  • GDPR compliance
  • Blacklist visitors
  • Capture live visitor pictures
  • NDA/policy signing
  • Emergency broadcasts
  • Visitor data storage
  • Overstay alerts

User Friendly

Last but not least while picking the right system solution you should pay attention to how easy it is to use the system.The abundance of features and integrations may complicate the system, hindering user experience and defeating the purpose of deploying a visitor management solution. Since users vary from regular employees to one-time visitors, the system should be intuitive and easy to navigate, especially for occasional users.


In summary, a Good Visitor Management System is a crucial tool for organizations seeking to enhance security, comply with regulations, improve efficiency, optimize resources, prepare for emergencies, and maintain a professional image.