What do Visitors Want from Today’s Workplace?

Uncover visitor expectations in today’s workplace dynamics and adapt strategies for enhanced office experiences.

Today, people want workplaces that let them work when and where they want. They like spaces where they can work together easily and have places to talk and share ideas. They also want their workplaces to help them stay healthy, with things like gyms and healthy food. Having good technology is important too, like fast internet and tools to work together online. People want workplaces where everyone is treated fairly and respected, no matter who they are. They also want chances to learn and grow, and to have time for their personal lives. Being environmentally friendly and giving back to the community are also important to them. Finally, they want workplaces where communication is clear and everyone knows what’s going on.

When visitors come to your office, they want to feel welcomed and taken care of. If they’re greeted with a smile and helped right away, it’s a good start. But if they’re left waiting or confused, it can leave a bad impression. That’s where a smart visitor management system can help. It makes sure everyone gets a warm welcome and things run smoothly. With today’s technology, using a physical logbook is outdated and risky. Visitors want a fast and secure check-in process. Software like Visitdesk can make that happen, giving visitors the experience they expect.

Standing in Line and Waiting: Valuable Time Lost

  • Traditional logbooks in many buildings are old-fashioned and slow, and visitors worry about sharing personal info in them.
  • One receptionist often has to handle lots of questions and phone calls, and they might not know if a visitor is allowed in or if their host is ready.
  • Electronic sign-in systems with kiosks or iPads are much easier. Visitors can check in themselves, get badges, and the system can securely record their info.
  • When a visitor comes back, the system remembers them, so they don’t have to go through the whole process again. And if there’s no receptionist, visitors won’t be stuck waiting in the lobby.

Guiding Visitors Through the Office: Who Leads the Way?

  1. Smooth Check-In Process: No more waiting around or being forgotten on the visitor list. With visitor check-in software, hosts get instant notifications via email, text, or Slack when visitors arrive.
  2. Efficient Communication: Receptionists stay in the loop, knowing what to do next as soon as the host responds to notifications.
  3. Convenient Invitations: Guests receive invitations with GPS directions, making it easy to find the office.
  4. Quick Access: Upon arrival, guests scan a QR code from their invite to print their badge and enter.
  5. Timely Updates: Any changes to the meeting schedule are promptly communicated to visitors.

Security Matters: Ensuring Safety in the Workplace

  • Visitors worry about their safety and security when they enter a new office.
  • In buildings with many offices, it’s hard to keep track of who’s coming and going.
  • This is a problem during emergencies like fires, where visitors might not know what to do.
  • But if the office has a good visitor management system, it can send out evacuation notices to everyone.
  • People can also mark themselves safe, so security knows who still needs help.
  • The system also alerts security if someone stays too long.
  • Visitors like companies that respect their time and make them feel safe.
  • Smart visitor management systems, like Visitdesk, use technology to make visits efficient and secure.

In Conclusion-

Visitors to today’s Workplace seek environments that prioritize collaboration, flexibility, technology integration, and wellness initiatives, reflecting the evolving needs of the modern workforce.