Watchlist alerts you of restricted visitors!

Earlier, companies managed their visitors by following traditional, paper-based methods which has now been ruled out by technological advancements. Often while managing an organization, we tend to continuously track the entry of certain visitors. Visitdesk introduces a new feature called Watchlist that enables us to look out for specific visitors. Watchlist alerts the host when a visitor matches the pre-entered records in the watch-list. Visitdesk’s Watch-list feature will help you notify the arrival of an expected celebrity or that of a blacklisted person.

Screening restricted visitors.

Watchlist allows us to strengthen our security and compliance. At times when you have to get instantly notified on the entry of a suspicious blacklisted person, you may rely on Watch-list for your solution. All you have to do is to feed the details of the expected person well in advance. When a visitor with a similar match in records enters the workplace, an alert notification will be sent to the host or the security staff.

You may build your own watchlist to monitor a certain group of individuals. Visitdesk also allows you to seamlessly customize the watch-list to alert managers on targeted entrants. 

Visitdesk’s Watchlist notifications

Visitdesk enables you to configure watch list notification on satisfying more than one record. You may also access this feature through VisitdeskPad and Visitdesk-host application when the visitor meets the watch list criteria

On receiving the notification on the entry of such a blacklisted member, the host has the liberty to either approve or decline his/her entry.

The host can also review all the visitors who met the watchlist criteria and grant or block their access to your facility

The status column displays the current status of the members registered in watch list (i.e) active or inactive

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