Enhance Your Brand Experience: Leveraging a Visitor Management System for Optimal Efficiency and Security

A visitor management system streamlines entry processes, enhancing workplace security ,experience and assessing potential risks.
In the realm of modern business, establishing a distinct brand value is paramount. What sets us apart is our unwavering focus on delivering unparalleled experiences to our clients and associates, starting from their initial interaction with us. Whether it’s the moment they step foot into our office or even prior to that, we are dedicated to leaving a lasting impression that reflects our core values and unwavering commitment to excellence. It is through this steadfast dedication to exceptional experiences that we solidify and reinforce our brand value in the minds of all our stakeholders.

How Visitor Management System could help?

Suppose you are expecting a client for a meeting on a regular office day. Here’s how the visitor management software will help you create a great impression on your client.

Scenario #1

Send Invitations: The system enables you to send invitations to your clients, notifying them of the visit’s date and time via their mobile phones. These invitations include links for pre-registration, facilitating a smooth web check-in process. Additionally, GPS coordinates are provided for easy navigation to your office.

Communicate Important Details: Provide parking instructions and guest WiFi credentials to ensure efficient meeting completion without delays. With pre-registration, your front-desk staff are notified in advance of your guest’s arrival, guaranteeing a VIP welcome.

Streamlined Check-in: Guests can skip entrance queues by utilizing the web check-in option and presenting their QR code from the invitation.


For recurring visitors, the system offers auto-fetch capabilities, saving time by filling in their information automatically. Visitor data is securely stored on the Veris cloud for easy access. Clients can easily check-in using the system, which can also be customized to display brand messages. Additionally, the software includes features like force check-out after a specified time period. While a visitor management system creates a favorable first impression, other factors such as office ambiance and courteous staff are equally important for impressing clients.

How a visitor management system can help in transforming the workplace experience of employees and guests:

Enhance Security

Security is a critical aspect of the workplace experience. A visitor management system can enhance security by verifying the identity of visitors and checking for any potential risks before granting access. This process ensures that only authorized visitors are granted access to the premises. In case of any potential threat, the system can alert the security team and take appropriate action.

Contact Tracing

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of contact tracing in controlling the spread of the virus. A visitor management system can help organizations with contact tracing by maintaining a record of visitors activities. In case of a positive case, the system can identify the visitors who came in contact with the infected person and notify them. This process can help in containing the spread of the virus and ensuring the safety of employees and visitors.

Enhance Brand Image

The workplace experience can significantly impact an organization’s brand image. A visitor management system can enhance an organization’s brand image by providing a seamless and secure entry process for visitors. Visitors are likely to have a positive impression of an organization that values their security and provides a personalized experience

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