Visitor signing sheet- ‘An outdated trend’

A number of visitor management applications and AI-based bots are presently ruling out the traditional practice of a cheerful receptionist greeting the visitors and signing of entry in sheets and records. With the outbreak of Covid19, we certainly need a replacement for the early model of reception management. The call for ‘social distancing’ has become the uncompromising necessity of the day. This has rendered the older version of the visitor signing sheet- ‘An outdated trend’ for the present.

What makes the traditional method of Visitor signing sheet, an outdated practice for the present?

If somebody ever questions you regarding the strength of your office on a daily basis, you may either scuffle or have no idea on the accurate statistics. To calculate the number of days an employee has been promptly present inside the campus, you may have to review the entire records manually. This would honestly be a tedious task.

Moreover, there is a high probability for proxy and false substitutes that you may fail to figure out. In most cases, the manual method fails to accurately record the check-in and check-out timings. In a few instances, your employees may unintentionally forget to sign the sheet.

At times, the exhausting day of the receptionist may have a negative impact on her welcome gesture towards the employees and visitors. This in turn may disturb the emotional quotient of your workers right at the reception lobby.

These scenarios occur almost every now and then in organizations. Furthermore, they exemplify the requisite for an application/tool to overcome the above mentioned limitations and effortlessly manage visitors.

COVID 19 and Reception Management

What do you think is the relation between Corona Virus and Visitor management? Are they inter-related?

Indeed, they are. The dreadful pandemic has turned the whole world upside down.
On reopening of communities, physical distancing reinforces the need to stay at least unit meter away from others. It stresses the necessity of maintaining physical space in public areas. You must also ensure that you wear proper safety gear and masks so as to prevent the spread of the virus.

Under these circumstances and implications, it is preferable to avoid contact with visitors and guests. However, you will have to keep an eye on the people entering your office. Visitdesk – visitor management software prevents the need for a receptionist to get in touch with a visitor. Instead, the employees may self-check-in themselves through the app. In case of unexpected guests, they may seek the permission of the host via digital request. In response, the host may accept or decline the request that turns up in his/her notification panel.

Furthermore, Visitdesk aims to increase the company’s productivity by avoiding too many interruptions with the receptionist. The digital check-in helps save plenty of time and effort. These applications also prevent the swarming of visitors near the reception lobby. Thereby, reception management software immensely contributes to reducing the impact of the pandemic.

To get an insight on how to work with Visitdesk, look into here

Why prefer Visitdesk over logbooks and entry sheets?

Your reception desk is the first phase of safety defense. So, why do you think is Visitdesk far more preferable than entry sheets.? A few significant benefits of Visitdesk include accuracy, error-free tracking, advance registration, QR self-check-in, biometric identification, etc.

Digital management helps in time and cost-efficient organization of data. The installation of a virtual receptionist makes your visitors feel welcome and greeted without having to sign any entry sheets. Visitdesk would impress your guest with its instant and secured service making reception management simple as never before!

Consequently, the visitor signing sheet- ‘An outdated trend’ has now been replaced by Reception Management applications.