Visitdesk: Make your stay place pleasant for your guests. Who still likes question and answer?


Guests arriving for a good and relaxed stay needs a warm welcome and it begins with the first impression. Visitdesk ‘wow’ your guest with the world class reception app that gets their information through tablet and make their waiting time less. We bet you will stand out in their minds.

Resort management

When you are managing more than one resorts handling the issues and managing the visitors will be time consuming. Which method are you using currently? Spreadsheets / Notebook / Phone calls?

Stop worrying about managing visitor entries and start focusing on their stay experience. Now visitdesk handles all the process right from registration to checkout within the App itself.

Security features  

Security is the most priority when it come to stay place. Visitdesk comes with features like face capture, OTP verification, Terms and conditions and other customizable features that ensures your security.

Report Generation and maintenance

A overview of your guest trends gives lot of insights and data to drive your marketing campaigns for the next holiday season. You can also filter and generate reports for the particular resort and see the guest traffic with just some clicks.

Regular report to police: report generations options will be handy and time saving for this purpose.

Notification and greetings

Notification about the arrival of guest helps you serve them with better experience. SMS or email will be handy when you need to notify your guests where ever they are.

Guest directory

Your guest data is useful when you run a campaign, when you open a new hotel in a new city. Your brand can be reminded better.