Visitdesk for apartments: your security needs are fulfilled with smart reception management system.

Visitdesk brings your gated community a ultimately sophisticated visitor management system for the security team and also your residents.

Visitor registration

Apartment gets visitors everyday that many essential details and security may be missed in your visitor registry.

Visitdesk comes with security features face capture, OTP verified contact number, form customization and many more.

Campus security

Face capture and mobile number verification increases your security level for your residents and avoids unauthorized entries inside the gate.

Visitor management

Admin and the host will get notification about whom they want to meet and for what purpose makes it a smart system. Once the host allows then they can be permitted into the campus, they can deny the permission to enter into the apartment itself.

Invite visitors

Residents can send invites for the invited guests. Invite option makes easy for your guest at the same time you will have maximum security.

Visitor record maintenance

visitor details are useful when they come back again, all they need to enter phone number and the software remembers and saves time. No need to fill all the details again. Your visitdesk can handle all the process within minutes and ‘wow’ them with premium experience.

Hassle free visitor management at your gates at affordable cost. Get visitdesk trial for free.