Three ways to improve your meeting room management

Explore the best three ways to make your meeting room management smoother and help your team work better together in the office.

Are you revamping your workplace strategies? If yes, you’re likely focusing on your return-to-office or hybrid work policy and updating office snacks. While important, don’t forget to review your space management plan. Nowadays, with hybrid work, employees choose where to work. So, when they come into the office, it’s purposeful – for collaboration and team meetings. With more staff returning, you might face challenges like meeting room shortages. That’s why it’s crucial to include smart meeting room management in your plan.

Read on for the top three ways to upgrade your meeting room management and support your team on-site:

Create space: Provide your team with room to collaborate.

With more employees opting to meet and collaborate onsite, resources like meeting rooms will be in high demand. This means making it easy for employees to handle the logistics of finding, booking, and securing the right room for their meeting. To simplify this process, consider investing in a meeting room management system. Look for a tool that allows employees to find, book, and check into rooms conveniently. Relying solely on a standard calendar system won’t be sufficient anymore. Since we heavily depend on our cellphones for various tasks, prioritize a sleek, user-friendly mobile app for booking rooms on the go. Additionally, consider employees who need to book a meeting room spontaneously. Choose a system with a display by the door and a color-coded availability system for quick room searches.

Start fresh: free up unused space

When employees start coming into the office and booking meeting rooms regularly, you’ll notice your resources getting scarce. Sometimes, people book a room but don’t come to the office that day. Teams might reserve a room for an in-person meeting but decide to meet remotely instead. It’s frustrating to see booked rooms unused, especially when teammates need a quiet place for a remote meeting. A smart meeting room management system can solve this. With Visitdesk Rooms, you can stop wasting time searching for meeting spots. Require attendees to check into their rooms and automatically free up unused space by releasing unclaimed reservations.

Enhance your space

Do your employees usually plan meetings ahead of time or gather spontaneously? How many people typically use your largest meeting rooms? How often do meetings happen as scheduled, and how often are they canceled? This information can guide your workplace policies and decisions. For example, if your meeting rooms aren’t used much, you might turn some into quiet areas. If big meeting rooms are often booked for just a few people, you could convert them into smaller spaces or add meeting pods for more flexibility. With Visitdesk, you can get a fresh look at how your space is used through insights and analytics. Use this data to maximize your space and make cost-effective choices based on room scheduling, cancellations, and overall usage.


Enhancing meeting room management is crucial for ensuring efficient use of resources and fostering productive collaboration among team members. By implementing streamlined booking systems, establishing clear policies and guidelines, and investing in modern technology and optimized room layouts, organizations can significantly improve their meeting room management processes. These strategies not only help prevent scheduling conflicts and misuse of resources but also create a conducive environment for effective communication and collaboration during meetings. Ultimately, prioritizing meeting room management contributes to a more organized and productive workplace, benefiting both employees and the organization as a whole.