Plants that’ll impel you to work!

Getting along with work flow isn’t a piece of cake for many. Remaining seated at your office desk from dawn to dusk can drive you crazy, especially if you’re an outdoor lover. If there’s something you could control about your workplace environment, it’s how your work desk makes you feel. Sufficient natural lighting and indoor plants help you breathe fresh air and improves your degree of concentration. Here we’ve suggested few plants that’ll suit best at desk.


This would be the best pick if your work desk is supported with adequate natural illumination. This is because, being a desert plant, cactus requires a lot of direct sunlight to sustain. However it is least care-seeking and doesn’t demand prompt watering everyday. It needs to be watered just once in every 4-7 days. The only thing to be careful with cactus, is to make sure you don’t end up pricking your finger with its thorns. Place the cactus plants in a safe corner out of instant reach.

Devil’s ivy:

With plenty of trailing leafy growth saturated with splashes of color, Devil’s ivy is the ideal indoor plant. Indirect sunlight and monthly plant food are enough for it to thrive. Coming in different colors and shapes, it adapts well to different levels of lighting; thereby thriving as the most versatile and easy to grow indoor plant for your office cabin.


Requiring minimal sunlight and self watering pots, bamboo is also a great choice for your workplace. Just ensure you replace the water every once in a while. Keep them in a pot away from air conditioners or heaters. Good drainage with pebble based pots can help them grow well. Some even believe that growing bamboo plants can bring good luck, wealth and fortune.


Bromeliad would be a good choice if you opt for an ornamental flowering plant. With its rigid fleshy leaves and colorful petals, it can liven up a dull desk when kept in the right place. However, they require
comparatively more maintenance during the initial stages. In the later stages, all they need is sufficient care and occasional watering. They generally require more humidity and can  thrive in bright, indirect sunlight or patch of shade

Snake plants:

Scientifically called Sansevieria, the snake plant is a beautiful green friend, that is known for removing pollutants from the air and increasing the oxygen content. It requires almost no sunlight but can also tolerate direct sunlight. It is advisable to place the snake plant in a warm corner of your desk having temperature greater than 10 degree Celsius. It acts as an excellent air purifier and can be ideal for irregular care-takers.


Not only are they available in variety of sizes and colors, but they’re also prolific. Also termed as shamrock , they have beautiful foliage and many delicate blossoms. They prefer part shade, well-drained soil that is moist, but not wet. Their leaves move in response to sunlight, opening in high ambient light and closing at low light levels.  Having an oxalis plant would be a great addition to your work desk.

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