Perks of Visitor management system over Visitor sign in sheets

Gone are days when enterprises had to keep track of their visitors by means of log book or check in sheets. Digitalization has advanced almost every aspect of human life striving to make tasks easier. It hasn’t left any stone unturned and so is the process of visitor sign in. Using visitor management system, one can seamlessly monitor the check in details of visitors. Let’s do a small comparison between Visitor management system and Visitor sign in sheets to prove this in a better manner.

Visitor sign in sheet Vs Visitor Management system

Cost and efficiency:

Although a log book appears to be cost friendly in comparison to digital solutions, remember that you would have to pay a huge amount for the receptionist in addition to the cost of check in sheet. Remember your concerns to conserve forest resources? Logbooks, papers and forests…- hope you could relate. Why cut trees when you can opt for an easier alternative?

Moreover, smart visitor management systems such as Visitdesk charges a very minimal price that almost any company can afford. Going for a digital solution will not just help protect our environment but also eliminates chances of human error.


In what way do you think is a log book more secure? There are plenty of chances that the sign in sheets could be lost. Anybody can easily mess with the entries in the absence of the receptionist. There is no surety whether the person himself has made the entry or if somebody has impersonated. Besides the entire details in the log book is public and anybody who signs the sheet would be able to view the check in details of everyone else. What if a blacklisted person tries to enter the province? Would the log book be able to stop him?

A visitor management system on the other hand is a lot more secure. It thoroughly verifies a person’s identity either by means of credentials, otp or QR code before issuing them the visitor pass. It collects the details of visitors such as name, mail id, check in and check out time along with their purpose of visit etc. This digital check in platform keeps track of new, recurring, invited and blacklisted visitors.

Therefore, visitor management system obviously outperforms sign in sheets in terms of security.

Maintenance and reliability

How far do you think you can rely upon your receptionist? What if there’s a sudden huge crowd? Would she handle every person’s query single handedly? Will everyone be able to register their names? What if the receptionist has gone on a break or if she has taken a day off? Don’t you think it would make the front desk a bit chaotic? Indeed. A receptionist can never be equally productive as a virtually aided kiosk.

Having Vistdesk visitor management application installed on your tablets/ iPad would be an effective replacement to the traditional receptionist. The visitors would no longer have to stand in long queues or wait for a single receptionist to respond. They can directly check in by feeding their respective credentials and get their pass printed in no time.

If at all, you like to have a receptionist you could hire one. As the visitor management takes care of the check in process, the receptionist can take up a better productive role, enhancing the visitor experience.


To sum up, I would suggest with confidence that a Digital Visitor Management System such as Visitdesk is relatively a much reliable solution when compared to the traditional sign in sheets. What are you waiting for then? Get your smart visitor management solution now @Visitdesk

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