Perks of being a professional Receptionist

For ages, the job of a receptionist has been under-estimated. Graduates feel embarrassed to take up this profession as their career. If you’re an individual looking for a non-monotonous environment to work in, with proficiency in communication, technical knowledge, managing and assisting skills; then applying for the job of a receptionist, is something you shouldn’t miss trying out.

You’ll be fairly rewarded:

You might think that a receptionist would barely earn. It is true that the initial remuneration could be less. However, with years of experience, your income will get incremented significantly. You would be surprised to know that the average pay of a receptionist is about $35,000 per annum. The payment also varies based on the sector you’re working in. While a hotel receptionist can earn upto $20,000 per year, the one working in a hospital can earn nearly $30,000 per year and a corporate receptionist can earn as much as $40,000 per year.

Receptionist- the Representor!

Receptionist often serve as the company’s representor. They’re the ones who keep everything ticking over. The front desk executive is the first member that the visitor focuses on while entering the company. The more professional they look, better will be the the opinion the visitors build about the organization.

Possessing Versatile skills:

Being an efficient receptionist requires one to master a wide variety of skills like the ability to comprehend and assist the needs of visitors, the command to manage and organize the serenity of the lobby and good computer knowledge to quickly generate invoice/ to pull out the required details. So, if you’ve got these skills handy then it would definitely be the right job you’re looking for.

A wide opportunity for receptionist to march ahead!

Working as a receptionist will shape you up in many different aspects. This will also make you befitting to different kind of jobs. Good conduct and years of experience will elevate your post from a receptionist to a hotel manager. However, it is not that easy to get placed as a receptionist of a big company. They look for individuals with the right combination of the required skills and qualifications.

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