Visitors’ NDA sign-in is made easy!

Signing e-NDA during visitor check-in!

With a view of eliminating the risk of accidentally exposing the company’s confidential information to the visitors and to prevent the intended or fortuitous data leakage by the negligent customers, we observed the need for a Non-Disclosure Agreement ( Visitors’ NDA sign in) to be incorporated within our application. Visitdesk makes it easy for workplace visitors NDA sign-in process.

Here comes your ever-friendly Visitdesk with an online NDA for visitors’ sign in. Let’s unveil the newly added feature!

In the event of conversing with multiple potential partners or investors, you got to make sure that the information you share is protected. Thereby, it becomes evidently essential to sign a policy document well in advance. Visitdesk’s NDA acts as a legal document to support safety, security, and as a signed Treaty between the company and its visitors.

Benefits of visitors NDA sign in

  • It eases the process of sign in, authentication and approval by comprehending them within the handy application.
  • Signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement legally ensures the protection of the company from intellectual data theft.
  • Having the visitors sign the NDA helps in simplifying decision making and also reminds the visitors to be cautious and prudent.
  • Visitdesk’s Electronic NDA permits the host to assimilate the visitors directly into the sign-in process.
  • It entitles legal protection of confidential information that is under the risk of getting exposed to guests and employees.
  • Signing the agreement as a part and parcel of the company’s policies and perceived formality prevents the leakage of the organization’s proprietary information via the visitors.

However, there’s nothing you got to worry about signing the NDA as it doesn’t deal with the personal data of visitors. Indeed, it is a normal step to protect business and institutional firms from data loss.

As the e-signatures of all the entrants are promptly recorded, it reduces the inconvenience encountered in managing data. Moreover, Visitdesk spontaneously saves the signed legal documents such that you can view them whenever you want to.

Visitdesk shall not allow users to check in without him/her signing the legal NDA. This also saves time and builds mutual confidence. NDA helps to digitally protect Professional ethics and commercial secrets of your company.

Visitors can sign the NDA either on-site or before the visit. All you have to do is to accept the terms and conditions as mentioned in the agreement and sign in to proceed. Once signed, Visitdesk records the signatures. The recurring visitors need not sign the agreement multiple times at each visit. Instead, Visitdesk will instantly retrieve their stored data. (unless the visitor edits the particulars after the previous visit).

Customized agreements for different purpose of visits

Yes! Visitdesk enables you to configure the options to ensure that you sign in the right Non-Disclosure Agreement based on your purpose of visit. You can choose these options from your app’s home screen or dashboard during check-in.

So come on! It’s time to Legalize and manage your visitors with automated NDA sign in.

Protecting an organization’s data and making the users accept the Non-Disclosure Agreements is now way too easy with Visitdesk. Immediate storage of signed e-documents makes the official legalization into a hassle-free and time-effective process. This makes it easy to collect and manage your official documents.

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