Selecting the right hardware & software for Visitdesk

While managing visitors is one of the most challenging tasks of the post-pandemic scenario, many companies worldwide have opted for a contact less digital solution. Visitdesk is an efficient visitor management solution that has a number of premium features in store including Instant notifications, watchlist, NDA sign in, Deliveries, contact-less check-in, OTP verification, custom badges and a lot more. You can have a trial session with the basic plan completely free of cost and choose from the various packages offered. To make the best use of the software’s available features, all you need are a few primary hardware and software requirements before logging into Visitdesk.

Visitdesk’s Minimum hardware and software requirements:


The very first essential for the smooth functioning of your Visitor Management Software is to have a stable PC. Computer is the crucial and elemental component of a digital receptionist by which you can validate the entry of your company’s visitors. This would be the device with which the visitors will directly interact for their check in and check out process. The admin can also control and configure the settings of Visitdesk via a PC acting as the central repository. Your computer’s screen size can be as large as 10 inches, so that it’ll be fairly visible to the visitors.


You may also use tablets or iPads in place of PC’s. Presently, tablets are more common in use than traditional computers as they’re more handy. Visitdesk is compatible with both Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android. While Apple iPads are professional and more secure, Android tablets are affordable and have an easy to use interface. While PC’s are more preferable for admin use, tablets/iPads are much more suitable to be used as check-in kiosk.

Web Camera:

To avail features such as  check-in validation via photo capturing, scanning etc., you need to have a webcam with good resolution. If your desktop has an inbuilt camera, then you probably don’t have to fetch a separate webcam unless the quality is really bad. If not, you need to go for a USB webcam.

Printers supported by Visitdesk:

Visitdesk allows you to spot your visitors in a glimpse by printing visitor badges along with the visitor information. For this you’d need any WiFi enabled printer. Visitdesk allows printing of tokens via both android and mac supported devices. It also supports Apple Airprint that is compatible with over hundred printers. Along with the printer, you must also have sufficient paper bundles (PRINT ROLLS) of the desired size, opacity, thickness etc. to get your visitor badge printed.

Google Chrome:

Please ensure that you have Chrome browser installed on your PC. Further, using the upgraded version of the browser gives you a much smoother experience.

Stable Internet Connectivity- The main essential for Visitdesk:

A stable internet connection is very vital and is the key necessity for the successful functioning of visitor management software. With good access to the internet, Visitdesk would be able to automate your entire workplace lobby like a pro. 

Wifi Router:

Modern wifi routers with dual or triband capabilities helps you deliver stronger wifi signals with better internet ranges. With enhanced firmware and network functionality, wifi routers is yet another essential component to fulfil your company’s digital receptionist setup.  

Visitdesk Pad and Visitdesk Host app:

The two applications that make up Visitdesk – the Smart Visitor management software, are Visitdesk Pad and Visitdesk Host. While Visitdesk pad is an application that has to be equipped at every gate/entry point of your workplace for supporting hassle-free check-in of visitors; VisitdeskPad is the software that verifies and validates the visitors’ entry. You may now download this application from Google Playstore

Visitdesk host is another application that works in conjunction with Visitdesk pad. This application is meant to be used by the host for managing requests and approvals. This can also be downloaded from Google Play store

To view the ‘Recommended requirements checklist’ for tablet and PC setup, visit Visitdesk requirements

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