Manage your workplace deliveries!

We are here once again to ensure if you are aware of Visitdesk’s new intuitive feature, by name- Delivery management. With the relaxation of lockdown, many organizations have started functioning under the risk of numerous vulnerabilities. Innovative minds are ceaselessly creating new ideas to manage your workplace deliveries!

Taking a step forward, we decided to bring to you this feature within our application. Though there are many reception management applications available in the market to track check-in and check out, most of the apps fail to register the entries and contacts made when a delivery/parcel is received. This is where such applications lack in their efficiency and reliability. In order to fill these loopholes, Visitdesk ensures that every possible issue is addressed.

Ever missed collecting your parcel from the office lobby? Ever faced confusion in notifying the right person on receiving their package? Its time not to worry anymore! Visitdesk is here to promptly notify the right person, once a delivery has been made.

How can you Manage your workplace deliveries?

‘Delivery’ feature lets you to track the delivered parcel sent by employees’ friends, family, postmen, food delivery, or parcel services.

When you receive a personal delivery, the receptionist will make this entry in the delivery register on Visitdesk app, so that the intended host will be notified about the delivery being received via a notification email. It also records the instances when someone collects the package on behalf of someone else to ensure the safety and maintenance of proper data.

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It collects details such as the relevant Branch, Desk, Host, and additional notes at the time of creating an entry in “Delivery”. This thereby enables the host to maintain a database on all possible contacts made by the workers and receptionists.

Safety- Our prime priority!

On receiving the package, we would suggest you sanitize it using equipment like the Ultra Violet sterilization box. This ensures that the parcel is safe for utility. The disinfected parcel can then be kept ready in the lobby for the intended employee to collect.

Barrel Electric has launched one such amazing product called Ultra Violet Disinfection Bag. It helps to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria from any household product that fits into its 60 l capacity. You can sanitize anything from milk packets to eCommerce parcel to postal envelopes or mobile phones to helmets in just 15 minutes.

In case of even a single positive case being confirmed within the organization, the Employer would be able to track all the possibilities; thus identifying and isolating the affected ones to prevent further spread of the deadly Virus.

So, what are you waiting for? You are just a click away from experiencing a safe and reliable workplace. To experience our features, do try our trial version without any further delay!