Key Role of Visitor Management System in Emergency evacuation

A visitor management system can play a pivotal role in an emergency evacuation. A visitor management system is an essential tool for ensuring the safety of any gated community in case of emergency. These systems are crucial in enabling quick and effective evacuation during emergencies. Emergencies such as natural disasters(earthquakes, floods, cyclones, etc), fire outbreaks, or any other incidents which can happen unknowingly. In this article, we’ll explore the role of visitor management systems in an emergency evacuation, and why they are increasingly becoming an indispensable part of any building’s safety plan.

What is a Visitor Management System?

A visitor management system is used to control and record the entry of visitors into a building or any gated community. It involves steps like verifying their identity, registering their details, and monitoring their movements while there are inside the premises.

Visitor management systems are not only restricted to seamlessly managing and tracking the visitors in the area. They can help in emergency evacuations too by sending SOS notifications to the people to evacuate the facility/building.

Why are Visitor Management Systems Essential for Emergency Evacuation?

Visitor management systems play a critical role in the emergency evacuation by providing building management with a comprehensive list of all building occupants and visitors. In the event of an emergency, an SOS notification can be shared with every visitor/occupant who is in the building for immediate evacuation. With help of the list of all the people inside the building, we can ensure that everyone is safely evacuated.

Moreover, visitor management systems can also be integrated with other emergency systems, such as fire alarms and security cameras, to provide real-time information during an emergency. This information can be used by first responders and building management to make informed decisions and ensure a safe evacuation.

Key Features of Visitor Management Systems in Emergency Evacuation

Visitor management systems designed for emergency evacuation have several key features that set them apart from old-school visitor management systems. Some of these features include:

Emergency alert

Visitor management systems can also be used to send emergency alerts to building occupants and visitors. These alerts can be sent through multiple ways, such as email, text messages, emergency calls, or through a building loudspeaker to ensure that everyone is informed of the emergency and knows what to do.

Emergency systems integration

Visitor management systems can be integrated with other emergency systems, such as fire alarms, security cameras, and access control systems. This provides a complete picture of the building’s occupants and visitors during an emergency. This integration enables building management/officials to make informed decisions and ensure a safe evacuation.

Real-Time tracking

In case of emergency, real-time tracking will help a lot in effective evacuation. Visitor management systems with real-time reporting capabilities provide building management with up-to-date information about who is in the building and also their location. This information is used to ensure that everyone has been safely evacuated.

Reporting and Analytics

Visitor management systems also provide organizations with reporting and analytics capabilities. This allows them to track and analyze visitor data effectively. This includes information on visitor frequency, check-in and check-out times, and emergency evacuation data. This information can be used to improve the overall efficiency and safety of emergency evacuation procedures. This can also be used to make informed decisions about the overall security of the organization’s premises.

Perks of Using Visitor Management Systems in Emergency Evacuation

With the above best features in a visitor management system, there will be many perks coming alongside them. Visitor management systems offer several benefits when it comes to emergency evacuation, including:

Improved Safety

Visitor management systems provide building management with a comprehensive list of all building occupants and visitors, which is critical for ensuring everyone’s safety during an emergency. The real-time information and reporting capabilities of these systems also help buildings management to make informed decisions and ensure a safe evacuation.

Increased Efficiency

In case of an emergency, there is a time constraint to everything we do. We have to make sure that emergency measures are taken up quickly and effectively. Visitor management systems streamline the visitor registration process, saving time and reducing the risk of human error. During an emergency, this efficiency can make a significant difference in ensuring a quick and effective evacuation.

Enhanced Security

Visitor management systems also improve overall building security by tracking and managing the flow of visitors. During an emergency, this added security can help prevent unauthorized access and ensure that only authorized personnel are in the building.

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What can we do?

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Workplace safety is of utmost importance and should always be a top priority for all organizations. In case of emergencies such as fire or earthquakes, it is crucial to evacuate the premises promptly and efficiently to ensure the safety of employees, and visitors.

To ensure a smooth and safe evacuation process, organizations can make use of technology such as Visitdesk. Visitdesk sends out an SOS notification in case of an emergency, helping to quickly and efficiently vacate the facility.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

  • What is a Visitor Management System (VMS)?

Visitor management is a software system that is used to manage the flow of visitors in a building. The system can be used for a range of purposes, including security, tracking, and emergency management also.

  • How does a Visitor management system improve emergency evacuations?

A Visitor management system can improve emergency evacuations by providing real-time information on the number of individuals in the building and their locations, streamlining the evacuation process. This also facilitates communication between building management and visitors which can help in effective emergency evacuation

  • Can a Visitor management system be used to track employees in an emergency evacuation?

Yes, a Visitor management system can be used to track both visitors and employees in an emergency evacuation. The system can provide real-time information on the number of individuals in the building and their locations, making it easier to account for everyone and prioritize rescue efforts.


In conclusion, it is important for all organizations to prioritize workplace safety and have plans in place to evacuate the premises in case of an emergency. Utilizing a Visitor management system like Visitdesk can greatly aid in ensuring a smooth and safe evacuation process. Choosing Visitdesk would be a very smart decision though 😉

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