How to welcome unexpected visitors during a pandemic

welcoming unexpected visitors amid a pandemic. Discover practical tips to ensure safety while maintaining hospitality during uncertain times.

It’s been almost a years since COVID-19 started, and even though vaccines are being given out, it seems like it’ll still be a long time before things go back to normal.

I can’t remember the last time I went to the movies, played squash, or had a meeting with more than two people. I don’t even recall the last time someone unexpectedly came to the office.

And that makes sense. During a pandemic, it’s not good to have someone show up without warning, especially if they haven’t even filled out a health questionnaire. It’s even worse if they have to touch an iPad to check in at the front desk.

Even when everyone can get the vaccine, we still need to be careful about who comes in and out of the workplace. This makes sure that the workplace stays safe, as explained in our article about managing people’s movement for safety under OSHA. So, saying no to unexpected visitors might seem like a good idea at first.

But the truth is, not everything can be planned. Suppliers, contractors, delivery people, and customers all have busy schedules. Sometimes they need to visit without warning.

To help you keep running your business smoothly while also keeping everyone safe, we’ve created Touchless check-in for unexpected visitors.

How does Touchless check-in for unexpected visitors work?

It’s simple.

Visitors just use their phones to scan a QR code on the Welcome screen. Then, they follow the check-in process on their phones. When done, they’re ‘Checked-in’ and show up in the Visitor logbook.

That’s it. No need to automatically turn away unexpected visitors.

How much more did we deliver in the past month?

Remote registration has been enhanced with several improvements:

  1. Admin users can now create more flexible flows by adjusting question settings.
  2. There are now separate questionnaires for employees and visitors, making the check-in process smoother.
  3. Remote registration now allows for multiple agreements, similar to the kiosk check-in flow, enabling admins to configure multiple agreements.

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