How to make employees love your workplace?

Employees are the greatest asset of your company. Losing them could be a huge loss for you and your business. A recent Right Management survey revealed that 84% of employees either strongly or somewhat agree with the statement, “Sometimes I feel trapped in my current job and want to find a new position elsewhere.” 

Basically, people are passionate about their work but once they join the workplace they feel all that is an illusion. So, what is the problem and who is to be blamed? Workplace! Yes, a bad messy workplace is to be blamed for this situation. 

Giving out raises is an expensive way to retain employees and not so good way. Because, when it comes to toxic workplaces and mess, even a high wage cant fill the gap for the employees. In fact, most employees prefer a happy workplace with a good salary rather toxic workplace with a high salary.

So the question that arises is how can we stop our employees giving divorce. Well, there are several ways to make your employee love your workplace, we will be discussing a few effective ways.

Key steps to make your employee love your workplace are as follows:

Promote a positive work environment.

The key to a happy workplace/company is happy employees. We should try to be easy on them. And include group lunches, fun activities, get together, and other activities that can promote a positive work environment.

Recognize and reward employees.

Recognizing someone’s work is such a great gesture that a person will remember always. Plus the reward will be the cherry on top. When giving the reward its size doesn’t matter but the fact that you recognize their work and rewarded does matters. This will also boost confidence and spirit in other employees.

Prioritize work-life balance.

This is a very crucial point. What we often observe is employees continue with the work even after office hours due to strict deadlines and workload. It is advised to create awareness among the employees to do the work only in the office. Incase of urgency this rule can be exempted.

Maintain transparency.

A lot of business to date follows the old strict culture. In this there is a line drawn between boss and employee. Opening yourself up for constructive criticism and feedback will not only nurture the growth of a company but also promotes a positive workplace feel.

Giving them the perks of working in your company.

This practice nowadays is followed by many companies. But a blunt mistake done here is giving perks that are not at all useful for the employee. Try giving vacations, discounts, bonuses, etc.

Messy/crowdy Workplace.

Last but not least, this is a major issue that we look over instead which should have focused on this. Most of the mess is created at the reception which leads to frustration and a bad start to the day. An automated visitor/employee management system can help us with this mess and crowdy problem. Try Visitdesk, this is all you are looking for in a visitor management system. The workplace should be clean and organized. Greenery in the office is also appreciated.

In conclusion, following the above steps are the key to making your employees love your workplace. If you got some more ideas in your mind do let us know in the comments section 🙂