How to efficiently manage the workplace?

The first step towards resuming office life involves making significant changes, bearing in mind the well being of the employees. Indeed many organizations are looking for tips on ‘how to efficiently manage the workplace?’. The novel Coronavirus has emphasized the importance of social distancing in order to subside the exponentially multiplying cases. Its been over four months since the closure of workplaces and organizations. However, the concept of ‘Work from Home’ seems non-feasible in the long run. With the present relaxation of lock-down, a few of the employees are back to their offices. In the event of restoring to normal, we must ensure that the workplaces are managed efficiently

It is the responsibility of the management to ensure that the workplace is not overcrowded and that the safety measures are followed. The workplace should be organized such that enough space is maintained between the employees. Wearing safety gear such as face masks and hand sanitizers should be made mandatory. The manager in charge must make sure that the entire factory/office is disinfected and sanitized every day after the working hours.

Adoption of temporary safety measures.

In order to ensure that your workplace is safe for your employees, it is necessary to adopt a few innovative strategies that would help us to work amid the pandemic.

DIVIDE THE CROWD: The manager must divide the entire strength into two halves such that each batch can work on alternate days. We may call this as rotating days. The workforce would become standard with smaller groups being present on alternate days.

HYGIENIC PRACTICES: Its time to give up our traditional practice of sharing the same utensils with our colleagues in the office. Use a separate coffee/tea mug for every individual. This will help to control potential contamination and transmission.

SEPARATE CABINS: Employees should occupy alternate cabins. This will help to maintain social distancing. In the absence of cabins, you may fix glass barriers to ensure that the workers don’t indulge in direct contact with each other.

SAFETY GEARS: The workplace must have hand sanitizers at each reception desk to ensure that none enters without sanitizing their hands. The employer should make sure that face masks and safety gears are readily available for the employees at any time.

WARNINGS AND SIGN BOARDS: Creating awareness is one of the most crucial needs of the hour. The workers are prone to forget the circumstances and the safety measures that they have to follow, especially at times of work stress and peer pressure. Therefore, we must place signboards and visuals to promptly remind the workers to follow the precautionary guidelines.

Quick Tips on efficiently manage the workplace:

Make sure that your organization does not overflow with visitors!

In order to ensure that the workplace does not flood with a large number of visitors, you got to manage your guest and permit only the required ones. Visitdesk is here to help you manage your visitors efficiently. Specifying the maximum occupancy of the workplace well in advance helps us to keep track of the permissible limit.

With the help of Visitdesk, you would be able to allow separate time slots for your visitors, so that too many visitors don’t end up gathering at the same moment. To get an insight on how to use the feature, visit here

Technical management of the workplace.

Going back to routine is not as simple as it seems to be. It involves complex issues and poses a serious threat to human lives. Technical strategies are undoubtedly the solution to restore the organizations to normalcy.

Manage your visitors virtually

Secure your workplace with reception management applications such as Visitdesk. These tools enable you to view and permit the relevant visitors without getting in direct contact with them. Visitdesk has also introduced the feature to self-check-in by scanning its QR code. This eliminates the need for a receptionist to get in touch with the guests.

Moreover, it allows the host to directly receive notifications of the visitors waiting at the reception desk. The host would either accept or reject the request directly via the app sitting in his own cabin.

Installation of intelligent bots.

The installation of an AI-based robot would inform the employer about the visitor waiting at the entrance and permits the visitor on receiving the acknowledgment from the host. Remotely controlled pepper bots can help in conversing with the visitors and collecting their information regarding the purpose of the visit. Visitdesk is also working on launching similar AI-based products. To get a view on the same, visit here

Instant Temperature check prior to entry.

It is advisable to pay attention to the health conditions of the employees visiting your company. Integrating hardware containing infrared contactless thermometer that allows self-testing of temperature will help you ensure that your employees are free from symptoms of coronavirus. Thereby this instills a sense of hope and confidence among the co-workers.

Initially, the changes may feel surreal, with people wearing masks, separated by partitions, and avoiding physical contact. However, it is expected that over time a new “normal” will emerge. Visitdesk takes this as an opportunity to make the workplace better than it was before. As we recreate the workplace, we aim to adopt scientific and technical ideas for the workers’ well-being.

Even if we find a cure for Coronavirus in the near future, the experience of working during COVID 19 will have a long-lasting impact on our work ethics. A good organization is one that does not fail to focus on the welfare of the workers. We believe that our article gave you an insight on how to efficiently manage your workplace.

Visitdesk is here to help you value the lives of your employees by building a safe and comfortable environment for them

So, what are you waiting for? You are just a click away from experiencing a safe and reliable workplace.