Fear of missing out often abbreviated as FOMO was just a cute Facebook hashtag used by people on social media. But today the scenario is totally different. Well, today It’s a well-studied and scientifically-verified psychological characteristic. We didn’t expect it to turn out this big from a trending hashtag.

Natalie Christine Dattilo, Ph.D, the founder of Priority Wellness Group and a psychology instructor at Harvard says “FOMO includes both the perception of missing out, which triggers anxiety and compulsive behaviors, like checking and refreshing sites, to maintain social connections”.

Talking about FOMO will be very long and time-consuming since it is a topic of a broad spectrum. We will definitely speak on this in a broad spectrum but in this article let’s talk about FOMO at work!

Symptoms of FOMO at work?

Even though FOMO is not currently a diagnosable condition, it can have specific symptoms. Some of them are as follows:

  • Obsessively checking colleagues for what they are doing.
  • Comparing with colleagues and constantly experiencing negative feelings.
  • Being a people pleaser.
  • Overwork /Low-quality work since trying to do many things at once.
  • Excessive social media usage.

Mentioned above are a few major symptoms of FOMO in the workplace.


Typically, anything that makes a person feel missing out is the cause of FOMO. But there are certain things found as the main culprit for FOMO:

  • Not being invited to an event.
  • Not being included in the team.
  • Excluded from meetings or casual get together.
  • Constant comparison with peers.


FOMO has adverse effects on an individual mind and peace. A few of them are:

  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • High blood pressure
  • Unproductivity
  • Loneliness

How to resist

FOMO is not like a disease that can be cured with few medicines instead it’s an emotion or a state that human beings normally feel. FOMO is totally normal but when you feel that it’s taking up a lot of space in your mind it’s then when you should fight for it or resist. yes! here we can only use the word resist since this is totally normal for a human being. We have found a few ways to resist FOMO in the workplace:

1)Count your blessings

Focus on what good you have rather than focusing on other people. Count our blessings and always be thankful for everything you have. And always know your self-worth.

2)Know the triggers

Try to get aware of the triggers that cause you the fear of missing out at the workplace it could be anything. Once you know the triggers you either avoid them or face them to overcome them. this totally depends on you.

3)Be purposeful

Focus on your tasks for the day. Give your best and try your best. After the completion of the task reward yourself and keep yourself busy with some good activities. Avoid social media and people whose only business is to talk about others.

In case the above steps couldn’t help you resist FOMO then you can consult a therapist. According to me, there is no therapist as good as a friend/parent/partner, or someone you trust with. Just a few minutes of a talk could be so relaxing and calming for your mind. Alternatively, you also have the option to go for a therapist 🙂

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