Enhancing Security and Efficiency: The Case for Visitor Management in Manufacturing Facilities

Learn why visitor management tools are essential for manufacturing facilities. Improve security and efficiency with smart sign-in software.

Every day, lots of different people come to a manufacturing plant, like guests, workers, and suppliers. To keep track of them, the plant usually uses a paper book where they write down their information.

But, how can you make sure they only go where they’re allowed and don’t do anything wrong? And what if there are too many visitors one day?

That’s where visitor sign-in software comes in. It’s a smarter way to manage visitors than using a paper book.

Here are some ways in which smart visitor log software can be far more efficient than maintaining a physical log book for managing visitors in manufacturing facilities:

Professional Approach to Visitors

Using a visitor registration app on a tablet is more professional than a cumbersome logbook. It presents your brand positively to guests, who might become future clients. You can also display your company’s name and logo in the app for a stronger first impression.

A System for Real Time Visitor Tracking and Creating a Visitor Database

Once visitors sign in, you can track them in the building. The system records their name, ID, host details, location, and time spent inside. You can also take their picture with a connected camera.

If a visitor stays too long, the system alerts you. All visitor info is stored in a database, accessible through a dashboard. This helps track visitor history and look up past visits by date.

Restricting Access and Protecting Property

To restrict access to specific areas in your facility, you can use separate kiosks at entry points. Authorized visitors gain access by signing in.

Protect your manufacturing plant, employees, and intellectual property from vandalism and theft. A visitor management system is more effective than a logbook at preventing unauthorized entry and false information.

Creating Visitor Badges

Visitor badges show that a visitor is allowed in the facility. With visitor sign-in software, you can print badges with the company’s name and logo, the visitor’s name and picture, where they can go, the host’s name, and more. The software can make different badge styles for different visitors too.

Government and International Regulations

Manufacturing plants must follow visitor-related regulations. Therefore, a visitor management solution with features like identity verification and ID scanning is essential. These features simplify compliance and report generation during audits.

A System for Tracking Visitors in Emergency Situations

In emergencies, quickly knowing who’s in the building is crucial. A visitor tracking system can do this fast and even send alerts to everyone’s phones for evacuation. In contrast, a log book wouldn’t help in emergencies.

Visitor sign-in software offers many benefits beyond emergencies. It’s adaptable to different workflows and ensures a smooth, safe, and efficient visitor experience.

In Conclusion-

In conclusion, implementing a visitor management system in manufacturing facilities is essential for enhancing security and efficiency. By replacing outdated paper logbooks with smart visitor sign-in software, facilities can ensure better control over who enters the premises, track visitors in real-time, and respond quickly to emergencies. Additionally, the customizable nature of these systems allows for seamless integration into various workflows, ultimately resulting in a safer and more efficient environment for both employees and visitors alike.

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