Employee Checkins and Contractor Checkins now available on Visitdesk!

A cloud-based visitor management system called Visitdesk enables companies to effectively control the flow of customers, vendors, and staff on their property.

Do you struggle a lot to keep track of your employees and contractors as a business owner or manager? Do you frequently wonder who is still on the job site and who has left for the day? You can now track employee and contractor check-ins on Visitdesk, so you don’t have to worry.

Businesses can now easily track and monitor the mobility of their employees and contractors on-site thanks to the new check-in tool.

The check-in feature is easy to use and straightforward. Utilizing their particular QR code, which is created by the Visitdesk system, employees and independent contractors can check in.

The system keeps track of their check-in time and location once they have checked in, making it easy for supervisors to monitor and track their movements.

The check-in tool helps with security and compliance while also giving organisations real-time visibility into the locations of their on-site personnel and contractors.

Businesses can simply make sure that only authorised people are on their property and that they are adhering to the essential safety measures by using the check-in tool.

Visitdesk offers a number of other helpful services to assist businesses in managing and tracking their visitors, employees, and contractors in addition to the check-in feature.

Businesses can easily generate and manage visitor badges, keep track of who enters and leaves the building, and even set up automatic alerts for important occasions like an employee or contractor’s check-out time.

The simplicity of use of Visitdesk is one of its main advantages. The system is simple and intuitive, so workers and contractors will need little training. Additionally, it is completely adaptable, enabling firms to customise the system to meet their own demands and specifications.

Visitdesk is ideal for companies of all sizes because it is also very scalable. VisitDesk can assist you in managing and monitoring the on-site movements of your staff, whether you have a small staff or a huge workforce of contractors.

In general, Visitdesk’s new check-in tool is a game-changer for companies aiming to increase productivity and property security. Businesses can simply manage and monitor the mobility of their workers on-site, ensuring compliance and enhancing security, with real-time visibility of employee and contractor check-ins. Visitdesk is available right now, so give it a try.

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