4 Emerging Visitor Experience Trends for Workplaces: Embrace the Future

In the midst of the return of more visitors to the workplace, you must actively ensure they feel genuinely welcomed and amazed. Let’s explore the key trends that are shaping the visitor experience in workplaces.

Elevating Amenities to Exceed Visitor Expectations

Amid conversations about returning to the office, it’s vital not to overlook returning visitors. Recent data underscores the resurgence of visitors, infusing workplaces with a vibrancy reminiscent of pre-pandemic times. Workplace managers must stay ahead of the latest visitor trends to excel in providing visitors with an exceptional experience now and beyond.

To illustrate, consider how your team can ensure visitors feel welcomed, secure, and amazed during workplace visits.

Rethinking Amenities to Meet Evolving Visitor Experience

Visitors now regard basic amenities like free coffee and WiFi as basic. As the bar for on-site experiences continues to rise, workplace teams face a choice: either rise to meet these expectations or fall short, leaving their guests disappointed.

Furthermore, according to the Work report, workplace leaders are eager to rise to the challenge. Over a third expressed a desire to invest more in on-site events and programs, with nearly a quarter seeking to enhance food and beverage offerings. While these perks are often used to entice employees to work on-site, it’s important to note that visitors highly value them as well.

Consider going beyond traditional amenities, offering visitors dedicated work areas, luggage storage, bookable desks and meeting rooms, and the ability to pre-order lunch before their visit.

Personalized Experiences: A Guest’s Wish, Your Command

Imagine your guests directly informing you about how to make their workplace experience exceptional. This is the direction visitor experiences are heading through pre-registration. A survey by workforce experience experts Applaud has identified hyper-personalized experiences as a significant emerging trend in the future of work.

However, there is much work to be done in this area. The same survey found that over two-thirds of the 200 HR leaders surveyed do not currently offer individual personalization in their workplace experience.

To address this, when guests sign into the workplace, provide them with an opportunity to share how you can enhance their visit. Include an optional question in their sign-in process, such as: “Is there anything we can do to make your visit more special?” This not only empowers your guests to voice their needs but also enables your team to meet them.

The Challenge of Security in Flexible Work Environments

In a flexible workplace, determining who is on-site on any given day can be challenging and pose security risks. Consequently, workplace managers increased investments in physical security solutions in 2022 to safeguard their people and spaces. Organizations embracing flexible work models must address the growing security concerns in 2023 or risk dealing with costly and potentially perilous breaches.

Moreover, the digitalization of visitor management now enables organizations to streamline processes. They can send a calendar invite, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), and safety paperwork in one step. When the guest arrives, the system automatically recognizes them and notifies the host of their arrival. This is efficient, secure, and a far superior experience compared to traditional pen and paper sign-ins.

To enhance security, consider implementing pre-screening for visitors using your visitor management system. If an unwanted guest is invited, the system will automatically block them and notify your team. This added security measure will provide both your team and employees with greater peace of mind.

The Power of Authenticity in Visitor Experiences

Visitors now seek authenticity and a genuine connection with the businesses they visit. They want to ensure their values align with those of the business and that their on-site experience is consistent with the brand’s public image.

As Tim Greenhalgh, Chief Creative Officer at Landor and Fitch, explains: “Behind the scenes is the new scene.” Customers want to see how everything works, and they want transparency. This means that, in addition to your other responsibilities, you must ensure visitors have an on-site experience that aligns with your organization’s brand.

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To sum up, find opportunities to infuse your brand and its values into the visitor experience. For instance, offer job candidates a branded welcome package, provide them with directions to the workplace, and offer touchless sign-in with your branding for a streamlined and welcoming check-in experience.

Conclusion: Evolved Visitor Experience

A Win for Your Brand and Workplace Team in Enhancing the Visitor Experience

As more visitors return to the workplace, the responsibility lies with you to ensure they feel genuinely welcomed and amazed. By focusing on these emerging trends that guests value, you can not only meet but exceed their expectations and enhance the visitor experience. This is a win not only for your brand but also for your workplace team.