Designing your Home-office post Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic shook the entire world lightening up the requirement of an office arrangement at every home.
Adapting to work in the home environment wasn’t such an easy task for many. Work From Home will be more productive if your mind is able to psychologically associate your home with your office atmosphere. In order to achieve successful remote working, we need to evolve our home-office continuously into what a perfect workplace looks and feels like.

Work desk – the primary constituent of your home-office!

The first step towards setting up your home office is to arrange for a proper desk & chair that is comfortable enough to place your laptop, files and other essentials. Do not overcrowd your desk with things that tend to distract your focus from work. The more spacious and tidy your desk looks, the more soothing will be your frame of mind. Keep your desk simple, yet satisfying.

Choose your colors wisely!

Your home-office set-up must be aesthetically pleasing to look at. Choosing the right combination of colors can help in achieving a pleasant workplace ambience. Using white, grey or black as the base color with streaks of dandy pink or popping yellow will give it a cheerful appeal.

The all-white home office has a certain cultured and systemized charm about it. It will allow you to add brightly colored decors and accessories in a much elegant way. A good way to add splashes of bright colors is to pick two or three colors that you wanna add. Once you’ve decided on your favorite accent colors, you can use everything ranging from the area rug and drapes to the ceiling and chairs having the shades of those chosen colors.

Err on the safer side

If your home-office is to be visited by your clients/colleagues, ensure that you follow sufficient measures to strengthen the safety standards. Therefore you can arrange for a custom table near the entrance with sanitizers, masks and temperature sensors. Further, you may opt for a digital visitor management software like Visitdesk, that’ll help you in contact-less management of visitors. Anti microbial furniture collections are also preferable to avoid the residence of harmful viruses on the surface of desk and other furnishings.

Keep it natural!

To help you keep energized throughout your remote working experience, you need enough natural lighting and cross ventilation. Adding lush green air purifying plants on your desk might be the missing nature’s link you might be searching for. You can also have an alternate work desk out in the open space; such as in your terrace, lawn, your home garden or balcony. This gives you the luxury to enjoy fresh air, energizing sunlight, green surroundings with soothing distractions like the chirping of birds and the rhythm of the cool breeze. Having multiple office set-ups within your house can help you get rid of stress and monotony. Make sure that your alternate work desk has the same theme as your primary desk. This gives you a consistent feeling that doesn’t shift you away from your work mode.

Garnish your office desk with essentials

Being seated on the executive chair with the glazing wooden desk having table lamp, sticky notes, acrylic organizer set, desk calendars etc. might be a dream for many. Who is gonna stop you from having your own executive desk at home? You can have your own office set-up the way you’ve ever been dreaming. Equip your desk with all necessary accessories and tools that’ll add meaning to your home-office. Your desk tells you that you’re ready to work and makes you feel empowered. The more professional your design is, the more involved you’ll be with your work.

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