Coronavirus is new normal, so is Visitor Management.

Coronavirus has been lingering along with us for quite a long time now. While many countries are under complete lockdown, the survival of business has become a matter of unpredictable question. As a result, the economy of nations has become unstable, oil prices are going negative and job opportunities are drowning all at once. Observing the persisting situation, one can infer that, to get back to normalcy is not possible for quite some time from now until the spread of the virus has been controlled or unless a suitable vaccine is discovered. Meanwhile, we need to deal with it using contact tracing, social distancing, and visitor management system.

However the show has to go on, businesses have to resume and keep moving ahead. To get business back on the wheels, we must ensure that necessary precautions and proactive steps are taken to keep the workplace safe and secure. Most of the employees are working from home already but unfortunately not all the businesses can afford the luxury to work from home because, for some cases (like the restaurant, research laboratories, and medicine) the workers have to be physically present at the workplace.

Once your workplace is up and functional, you will have visitors from various places across around. For instance marketing, sales, job interviews, and personal meetings explicitly need a physical presence. It is very important to sterilize every member, examine their health conditions, and then let them in with proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Though the precautious measures can ensure safety to a certain extent, if a single person is tested positive for Corona Virus, it is inevitably essential to trace the contact history of that person. Visitdesk can help solve the problem of tracing the contact history of visitors. Visitdesk is an online visitor management system. It tracks the individuals passing through the reception or entry gates. Moreover, Visitdesk has some cool features such as photo capturing, verification via OTP, temperature recording, contact less self-check-in, etc.

Signing visitor sheets and log books is outdated. To know more visit:

What makes the Visitdesk as the best reception management software  is that, the application is entirely based on SaaS. All that the user has to do is to sign-in with the credentials to start using the app right away. Visit desk offers a cost free version to trace limited number of people. We also have a Startup plan with 15 days of free trial that enable you to experience Visitdesk and evaluate our solution for your workplaces.

So, what are you waiting for? You are just a click away from experiencing a safe and reliable workplace.  

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