Contact-less visitor check-ins are here!

Visitdesk helps fight COVID 19 with its contact-less check-in feature using QR code. It helps to keep both employees and visitors safe. With the outbreak of the Corona Virus, different innovators and developers are up with different solutions to prevent the spread of the fearsome Virus.

Visitdesk offers check-in which eliminates the need for a receptionist or security to get in contact with the visitor at the point of entry. This is particularly essential for workplaces that receive visitors and contractors on a daily basis as they got to manage both efficient performance and safety.

What is Qr Code?

QR (Quick Response) code as the name is fast and reliable to be adopted. All you need is an android device and a secure application (Visitdesk) to enjoy this feature. QR code enables contactless check-in thereby ensuring your visitors to maintain social distancing.

The details collected after the generation of QR code will be directed to the host; thereby allowing the admin/host to maintain a clear and precautionary database. Scanning this QR is sufficient for the visitor to check in to the organization. This helps us overcome the fear of getting in touch with visitors!

Moreover, this is not going to be a mere solution for the present; rather it is going to be the essence of the future. In the post-COVID world, customers are expected to be more self-conscious and cautious of their health.

So Yes! You got it right. All you have to do is to login, enter details, generate QR code, and scan the same to self check-in oneself.  It is as simple as it seems to be.

 A good workplace is one that looks for the safety of its workers and customers. Visitdesk is here to help you in creating a safe and reliable environment.

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