Best practices for Visitor management

Though the Visitor management solutions facilitate contact-less visitor check-in and instant notification to ensure safety during Covid 19, an online software alone is just not sufficient for an organized workplace. We bring to you, some of the best practices for effective Visitor management that would help you make your enterprise compete with the leading organizations.

Security- The Prime necessity!

Having a vigorous organizational security framework is inevitably essential for meeting the global business standards. Its necessary to safeguard your company’s intellectual property and confidential data from unauthorized third parties.

You’ll have to ensure that you prevent data breach in your Enterprise.
In IBM’s Security Services 2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index, which has analyzed cyber-attack and incident data, it is to be noted that more than 95% of all incidents cited “human error” as a contributing factor to the attack.

  • Teach proper data disposal techniques to your employees, in order  to minimize the risk of leaking data into wrong hands.
  • Constantly update your products to ensure that your devices are secure for use and that the vulnerabilities do not affect the business functions.
  • Moreover audit your organization in regular intervals to be cautious of possible data breaches.

Create a seamless visitor experience

  • Many organizations focus on creating a welcoming reception area, but forget to consider the main building reception experience. It’s more important to focus on making the visitors’ path clear.
  • You can facilitate easy navigation by placing sign boards and way finders; thereby preventing the visitors from getting confused. Moreover, the visitors would not have the need to keep pestering the receptionist to find a way to their respective room.
  • Finally, the most important segment is to improvise your waiting area. Your visitors/guests should not feel uncomfortable when they wait for long hours. Therefore, make the waiting room as appealing and comfy as possible.
  • Improve the seating arrangements; attach an air conditioner, if you can afford one and don’t forget to provide refreshments and magazines.

Prepare prior to their visit

This is one of the major etiquette followed in many international software companies. If your guest happens to be someone you have been awaiting for a long period, and finally got a chance to invite; then you certainly have to make necessary arrangements prior to their visit.

  • Send them a warm invitation with all necessary information such as (the date, time, your office location, floor of the cabin and the list of planned events).
  • Arrange coffee or lunch for the invitee. A VIP generally wouldn’t be comfortable if you ask them to wait for a lunch. You’ll have to keep everything ready.
  • Make sure that all the audio/video equipment are in proper working condition which the guest may probably be using.
  • If they happen to be a really important person, you can even arrange travel facilities to and from your workplace.

Last but not the least, equip your organization with Online Visitor management Software to promote digital check in, delivery, watchlist and a number of other features. To sign up Visitdesk for a seamless experience, click here.