Be nice to receptionists!

‘Even a gentle smile is an act of charity.’

It is well known that a warm smile is a universal language for kindness. Whenever you enter into a company or an organization, be nice to everyone; especially to the receptionist. Generally, receptionists hide all their pains and work all day long to greet you with enthusiasm. Ensure that you don’t end up disappointing them by treating them low.

This especially has a vital role to play when it comes to job seekers. You may think that your interview would begin only when you sit in front of your HR, but that’s not true in most of the cases. Your interview begins at that very moment when you enter your lobby and engage with the receptionist greeting the visitors.

Remember that your first impression is going to create along with lasting impact than you would ever imagine. Few companies make it a point to get a general review from the receptionist’s point of observation before recruiting a candidate. This could be your golden ticket.  A negative response from the receptionist could spill water on your entire effort and spoil your reputation.

Tips and tricks:

Down below, we have listed a few tips to ensure that you follow the basic front desk etiquette:

  • Always dress up in a professional outfit and complete the costume with a gentle smile. Smile back or nod your head, when the receptionist greets you. Always keep in mind that all people are equal in status. However, ensure that you don’t end up flirting with them. (especially when they are of the opposite gender)
  • Unless they’re busy, secretaries and receptionists are usually happy to engage in a healthy conversation. You may have a short friendly conversation with them, but let it be professional.
  • Respect the receptionist! Don’t urge them to look into your issues while they are busy with another individual. Wait for your turn, or seek their attention politely.
  • Your office lobby is not a place for you to attend your phone calls. This might either irritate the receptionist at times or break the silence. Step out of the building and attend your calls unless it is an emergency call.
  • Last but not the least; never ever forget to thank the receptionist and to bid them a warm goodbye. Irrespective of your performance in the interview, always greet the receptionist with a pleasant face while leaving the campus. Thank every person that you met genuinely during your course of the interview be it the secretary, HR, or the clerk.

Therefore, be nice and smile to everyone you meet. You do not know what they are going through and they may need that. Your smile could enlighten somebody’s dull day. A simple pleasant gesture can make the environment healthy and fill the air with positive aroma.