6 ways you can make hospitals smart for patients with visitdesk. Now for free!

Registration and queue management

Patient queue and registration was one of the painful problems for reception team. Maintaining the patient and giving them a token can be handled effectively by visitdesk cloud software. You can now manage patients and their details from anywhere.

Patient record maintenance

Patient case sheet and their medical records are vital for the treatment once they come again. With visitdesk no more waiting time to search sheets / file and also no need to carry them around. You visitdesk can handle all the process within the screens.

Patient directory

Want to search that patient who needs to be informed about the next follow up? Just type keywords and visitdesk will do the rest for you to find them. Patient directory was super useful when you need to sort and find some patients in no time.

Patient communication

Communication is the key in medicine. You can now notify your doctors about their patient arrival when you have multiple doctors in your hospital. And in the time of long queue, this is very useful when your doctor needs to call that high priority patient waiting out there.

Patient notification and greetings

Patient can know about their position in the queue, doctors availability, and other details about medication in some taps. Hospitals can also send notification about their next appointment with ease. Who didn’t like that birthday wish from their hospital, yup! visitdesk also do that for you.

Report generation and maintenance

A detailed view about your patient traffic helps you understand better. Report about their detailed overview helps you to serve them better and make the treatment smooth.

Managing Medical Reps

Medical representative are unavoidable and they were tired by waiting for doctors. We see them always disturbing the patients queue in the peak times, with visitdesk you can manage the right time for reps. It saves your doctors valuable time and your patient’s time too.