5 Ways to build an eco-conscious workplace

Have you ever wondered India’s ranking in terms of sustainability? Despite being the world’s largest democracy with rich culture and heritage, it is shameful to know that India ranks 168 out of 180 countries in terms of its
Environment Performance Index in 2020! India scored below the regional average score on all five key parameters. (like environmental health, including air quality, sanitation and drinking water, heavy metals and waste management) . Why do we lag way far behind the other nations?

Well…Perhaps it’s high time that we plan for the long-term preservation of environment in a developing India, while simultaneously improving efficiency of resource-use. Instead, we are caught in an environment vs development crossfire. It’s time for a real attempt at balance.

With a view of marching towards a cleaner and greener India, we’ve to start from the grass root level. Since we spend one-third of our life at work, it is ideal to begin redesigning our workplace to be more environment friendly.

Ideas to design an eco-conscious office:

Save energy! Save cost!

As we know the majority of companies in India are IT based. Switching off lights, air conditioners and other electronic gadgets when not in use will help you save a lot of energy consumption and hence cut down your office electricity bill. By shutting the computers down at the end of every working day, you can save about $230 per month for one room of about 35 to 40 computers. Also, Close the washbasin taps in your workplace not only when you use it but also when your colleagues leave it open.

Segregate and recycle!

Segregate the waste generated in your office into bio degradable and non bio degradable waste by collecting them in separate bins. You must be aware that Companies like Starbucks have prevented the use of plastic straws. Similarly, take measures to reduce the use of toxic products that could be harmful to the environment. You can direct the e waste produced from your company to recycle centers instead of disposing in landfills

You must be aware of how Croma conducts e-ware and plants samplings in the name of every donor. Similarly, You may also encourage your employees to donate old electronics. As a token of appreciation, you can provide them with gift cards/vouchers at the year end.

Designing a green Workplace

For ages, the word ‘design’ has always directed our thoughts about artificial decorations and arrangements. How about going green with your design? Sounds interesting right? Well… You can adorn your workplace interior with lush green indoor plants. It’ll create a peaceful and serene atmosphere that would be refreshing and healthy for the employees. Also, surround your campus with green trees and shrubs that’ll help increase oxygen level.

Support for common transportation

If possible, arrange for a common company van for your employees. Just imagine, how much pollution you would be able to control if all the employees reach office via a single vehicle rather than each driving their individual automobile.

Reduce the amount of paper usage

With technological advancements such as cloud computing and large memory storage devices, we can easily minimize the dependency on trees for papers. If you aren’t capable of growing a tree, you can atleast try to restrain yourself from cutting one.

Implementing eco conscious practices in the workplace will help employees feel healthier, peaceful and more satisfied with your company. It’ll boost them with the energy to work responsibly. Let’s take the first step of creating an environment friendly workplace marching towards a greener global community!

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