5 organizational threats every Employee should be ready to face in 2021

Threats to an organization are numerous; and they’re certainly ineluctable. However, an efficient enterprise is that which not only focuses on its progress but also concentrates equally on safeguarding the company against the various threat(s) it may be subjected to.

Threat to the workers’ well being:

The outbreak of the fatal Corona Virus shook the whole world, upending working life transforming how and where people do their jobs. Offices can no longer think of neglecting safety precautions as they’ve become the need of the era. The dreadful Covid 19 has emphasized the significance of adopting healthy safe practices to avoid threat to the employee’s health. Social distancing, online reception management applications, sanitizers, face masks, touchless verification and virtual meets have thus become indispensable .

Threat to an organization’s Intellectual property theft

Robbery of an organization’s ideas and inventions is one of the most fearful threats a company can encounter. Intellectual property theft includes the theft of trade secrets, confidential information, proprietary products and documents. Therefore, to avoid becoming a prey to such theft, companies ought to protect their business interests by implementing meaningful data security policies and infrastructure.

Risk of cyber attack

Cybercrime is one of the most common form of threat to any firm. With the growing demand for digital operations due to the impact of pandemic, the risk of cyber attacks is also rising to a great extent. Necessary security measures have to be employed to protect your company’s valuable data from the hands of hackers and thwarters. Signing of Non disclosure agreements, data encryption, password integrity and Invention Disclosure Records can help you in safeguarding yourselves from cyber crimes.

Brand and reputation crisis

From abusive comments/reviews to sensitive data breaches, the way you tackle a potential crisis decides whether you’re gonna retain your customers or let them move on to a competitor. It may take plenty of years to build a company’s reputation in the society; but barely few minutes to destroy the name. During a reputation crisis, we must welcome constructive criticism from people and take public feedback into account.

Problems associated with Supply chain

A deep study on how global producers manage the disruptions to their supply chains will aid companies to frame their responses. The disruptions in the supply chain management affects the productivity of various companies to a great extent. For instance, the cost to import products from China may rise to peak in the near future. Farmers are also facing a severe blow from the Central Government. This will negatively impact a number of industries related to food processing; thereby affecting the smooth functioning of the supply chain.

In order to overcome this, the Government of India should encourage native farmers, businessmen and cottage industries to produce resources from within our nation. This will help to meet the needs of every company in the country. Companies can also work on adopting alternative sources to supplement their supply.

Despite all these threats, offices ought to function effectively; but just not the same way as it was. We’ve got to adapt to the new reality ensuring both safety and efficacy.

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